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The Internet is a vibrant yet lonely place. Why do most popular sites look so empty?
The moving shadows are visitors like you. They can see each other and you too.
Approach them to get a popup. Click on it to invite to chat, or click on the baloon if someone invites you.
As simple as that, you can interact with others of the same interests, in a private Chat or in a group Discussion .
Visitors can discuss content, hosts sell products or services, or simply feel they're in the right place - after all, it's popular isn't it?

To see visitors on other websites:

drag and drop this:  EnFlock  onto your Bookmark bar. Go to any website and click on this bookmark on the bar. Enflock controls come up in the top right corner, click the rightmost to activate. You'll see others who do the same.

To enable Enflock on your Website:

add this single line to your page before the end body tag and adjust parameters according to FAQs:

<script src="//enflock.com/enflock.js?state=On&shadow=Off&div=TargetDivID&

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Enflock work?

I don't see Enflock controls

I get an alert about the firewall

How to change the controls position on my website?

I don't like your controls

There is nobody on my website, only 3 robots!

There are way too many visitors on my website

How to join a public chat

What about handhelds and touchscreens?

Is this some kind of cross-site scripting?