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  • – propose
  • – accept
  • – talk
The Internet is a vibrant yet lonely place. Why most popular sites look so empty?
The moving shadows are visitors like you. They can see each other and you too.
Approach them to get a popup. Click on it to invite to chat, or click on the baloon if someone invites you.
As simple as that, you can interact with others of the same interests, in a private Chat or in a group Discussion .
Visitors can discuss content, hosts sell products or services, or simply feel they're in the right place - after all, it's popular isn't it?

To see visitors on other websites:

drag and drop this:  EnFlock  onto your Bookmark bar. Go to any website and click on this bookmark on the bar. You'll see others who do the same.

To enable Enflock on your Website:

add this line to your page above the end body tag:
<script src="http://enflock.com/enflock.js"></script>

Enflock Demo movie :